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Auto Finance Groupe Service was created in 2002 by Madame Anne Marie Alice LAUVERGEON hence the name Auto Finance Groupe Service. Businesswoman and ambassador to UNICEF, following the financial difficulties of which her victim several people around the world, she decided in collaboration with certain banks, these lawyers and her notary to grant loans to all people or structures in the need. In order to help and allow the realization of your projects, it provides the loan service with a capital of 3 billion euros. Thus, since the creation of its Platform and the implementation of its idea, it has already reached more than 60 countries. These services, report, quality, price are the best. Currently, it has all the possible legal certificates and the ISO-9001 certification of 2012.

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Your file is accepted at 2% interest.

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We give our clients the strategies to build up a wealth in complete security, the key to the future. A borrower insurance for all files. With the insurance of your loan, your monthly payment and your credit balance will be taken care of.

Fast and Reliable

Form of 3 minutes, study of file and financing in 2-3 days.

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We provide solutions to anyone, individuals and professionals.


We take a lot of measures to protect your private data.

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You are broke, banned from banking and you do not have the favor of the banks or, better still, you have a project and need financing, no more worrying about yourself. We offer loans at low interest rate of 2% with no administrative difficulties and flexibility.

Financial loan

It is a provision of money in the form of a loan, granted by a creditor (lender) to a debtor (borrower).

Mortgage loan

It is a loan intended to finance all or part of the acquisition of real estate.

Investment loan

It is a strategy that allows us to invest now a larger amount than what we could invest normally

Car loan

Auto credit is a loan taken out to finance a new or used vehicle.

Credit repurchase

The objective is to decrease the overall amount of monthly repayments, but by increasing the repayment duration.

Personal loan

The Personal Loan is a short or medium term loan over a maximum of 83 months intended to finance the purchase of consumer goods or equipment.


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They were excellent, really thank you to Didier, with whom I have already saved more than € 8,000 in savings. While the banker from our bank who received us did not know our case at all and did not advise us at all.

Saul Goodman

Thank you very much for what you have done to finalize my case. In fact, I have found very competent, available, friendly people from you who have done their best for my case.

Sara Wilsson

Our interlocutor was able to restore our confidence and relaunch our project by explaining the ins and outs of the bridging loan. In our opinion, you are not yet well known enough to the public. You are totally different.

Jena Karlis

Professionalism, excellent advice, adaptability, excellent knowledge of the types of loans and competitive rates: I was completely satisfied with your services and the excellent work of my interlocutor.

John Larson


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